How about mastering your life's challenges with less stress or negative emotions?

When you are physically fit, you can climb the highest mountains. When you are mentally fit, you can master life's challenges without stress or negative emotions. So in short, this bootcamp is about training your brain to grow strong muscles for performance and happiness instead of stress and negative emotions.


Training with the mental fitness bootcamp can be life changing. This seems to be big words and yet this is how many experience it. Once your emotional life changes, everything changes. Once you feel more happiness and inner calmness, you can let go anger, stress, frustrations much faster. It just feels life changing.

Helping your brain to build mental muscles for sustainable change

Have you done great trainings with lots of new insights and yet you were disappointed afterwards because the impact on you was not sustainable? Did after a few weeks old behavior patterns come back? Well, from a science perspective, unfortunately, this is quite likely to happen. Because new insight is not enough. Neuroscience shows, your brain needs time and practice to build the muscles for a new behavior.


The goal of this bootcamp is exatly this: to help your brain building the mental muscles, so you experience sustainable change, i.e. a lasting more positive mindset, supportive behavior and routines.


For that matter you need to cut established wires between stimulus and response in your brain.


For example, imagine you are often impatient or even angry with others, when things do not go your way. The moment you get triggered, you can learn not to react in a destructive way (i.e. impatience and anger). You stop the autopilot and you choose (!) a different behavior instead, e.g. patience, empathy, curiosity, etc


Furthermore, this bootcamp is personalized, because people react differently in a situation. One would become angry, impulsive and loses its temper. The other person would rather get quiet and turns inwards. Therefore, we start with an assessment of YOUR challenges and your automatic responses.

Three Core Mental Muscles

You need to grow three core mental muscles that enable you to get out of your autopilot and conscioulsy decide how YOU want to react.

  1. Weaken your automatic destructive reaction (your "mental saboteur")
  2. Strengthen alternative positive responses (your "mindful mind" or "sage")
  3. Learn how to move from the negative impulse to a positive response as quickly as possible

Comprehensive Approach Based on Science

The Mental Fitness Bootcamp is a mix of personal coaching, app-based daily practices and virtual lectures.


It was designed based on findings from neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, performance science and the Positive Intelligence approach from Shirzad Chamine, a well-known Executive Coach, former CEO of CTI (world largest coaching training company) and a Stanford lecturer.


Ted Talk: Know Your Inner Saboteurs


"Positive Intelligence is your capacity to respond to life's challenges with positive rather than negative mindset"

<Shirzad Chamine>


Why is the Mental Fitness Bootcamp so special?

This bootcamp has a unique approach: Seven weeks of personal coaching combined with daily real-life app-based practices offer you a very real and personal experience. It enables you to become more aware about yourself and experiment with alternative behavior in your daily life, while not being alone with it. You get immediate feedback from your environment and from me as your coach. You are rapidly prototyping and improving your practice.


It is not a lab or seminar. There are no case studies. It is real. And this makes it very powerful.


The second reason this bootcamp is different to other offerings is, that essentially you learn how to coach yourself. After the program you have all the knowledge and tools you need to continue the training on your own. So this program is really about empowering and lifting you up.

Your Benefits

This bootcamp is for you if you are eager to strengthen your mental muscles on:

  • Controlling your emotions and stopping your mental autopilot (i.e. your automatic reactions under stress)
  • Spending more time during your day in positive emotions, e.g. being calm, energized, creative, content
  • Reducing your negative emotions, e.g. stress, anger, frustration or fear
  • Becoming overall happier and more effective as a person
  • Improving your relationships and performance at work and in private life

Throughout these six weeks you will have insights and likely the desire to discuss and reflect them. Therefore, I will be your coach and sparring partner throughout the whole program.

  • I am an experienced business and life coach and dedicated to make this bootcamp also a life changing experience for you (more about me here)
  • Once a week there is a coaching session scheduled to deepen your learning
  • You can chose English or German for our conversations

This bootcamp is for you, if your life is busy and you don't have time to lose. You will notice your progress instantly. Already after a few days you will feel the difference. And after 6 weeks of program, new neuro pathways have developed in your mind and the effect is so real, it could be measured in a brain scan.


Your Committment

Muscle building needs ongoing practice. The good news is, research shows 15 min per day is enough to build new mental muscles within only six weeks. So, this is your needed time committment!


The Details

You can chose from three different program options with increasing intensity of practice (in total seven coaching sessions are included):

Join the Mental Fitness Bootcamp and get